What is DET? Why not NEODT? Why swap or why hold, or why stake?

DET is a native currency of Diamond Exchange platform.

Diamond Exchange platform is the first Exchange that dared to have a very low 1,111,111 maximum supply.

*What is  DET?*

Diamond Exchange Token is a native crytocurrency for the Diamond Exchange plartform where traders can buy and sell digital assets/ futures contracts on various crytocurrencies, commodities and financial instruments. Traders must have a stipulated minimum balance of DET in order to *enjoy zero transaction fee on all trades* this will in turn create demand for DET.
Assets desiring to list on the exchange will pay for listing with DET.
Project communities can vote in their projects for a monthly voting contest with DET.

Buy Real Diamond with DET

Diamond Exchange give DET staking pool holders the opportunity to pass through DeBeer Diamond courses and own real Diamond via Sight sale program which are held 10 times in a year in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa where customer will inspect her rough diamond allocations before  deciding whether to purchase them.

Diamond Exchange platform will support and allow DET staking pool holders to participate in  3 Sights every year (one of each country yearly).  Both course and Sights will be paid for in DET or cryptocurrency staked in the pool by staker and DET team will provide counterpart Fiat for the Diamond purchase. Terms and Conditions apply.
Sights and courses are only for active staking pool holders.

DET Liquidity

Diamond Exchange Token will require maximum liquidity to operate and these will be funded by stakes from Pool. Each stake will be rewarded every 2 weeks  According to the % stated below:

*VIP Liquidity* will qualify for  0.8 to 1% pool rewards (minimum of 5,000 DET worth of tokens).

*Standard Liquidity* pool will qualify for 0.5 to   0.7% pool rewards  (minimum 2,500 DET worth of tokens).

Supported Token TOKEN

  • DET
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • AfroDex (AFDLT)

These supported token are also programmed as basic pairs on Diamond Exchange Platform.
DET is supported by Binance Trust wallet and AfroDex Robot wallet.
DET is being incubated by AfroDex Africa’s Blockchain giant.

Token Allocation Distributions

Reserve for master Stakes


Master Stake Reward


Current Holder's Swap


Referral reward


Token holders reward pool


External Development Fund


Exchange Listing


New Airdrop & Bounty


Compensation for Old Airdrop


Management team


Founding team


AfroDex for incubation


Internal Trading contest


External trading contest


Total 1000k

Locked Reserve 111,111


February 2019


February 2019

Airdrop phase 1

April 2019


May 2019

Listing on exchanges

June 2019

New website

July 2019

Further listing on exchanges

August 2019

Staking initialization

October 2019

Airdrop phase 2

January 2020

Debeers diamond course

July 2020

Exchange development


Real Diamond purchases

ABOUT About Us

Diamond Exchange Is a High Performance, Safe, Stable & High Liquidity Exchange, capable of processing 1,999,999 orders per second, with Multi-tier & Multi-cluster system architecture, obtaining Liquidity from Abundant pool resources & partners.

It was originally a vision by Mr. Benedict Oriaifoh  as NeoDiamomd Exchange. The young CEO met the Crypto guru Mr. Emmanuel Adams, popularly known in the Crypto space as Ace Boss and made a pact with him to have his blockchain company AfroDex Labs rebrand and incubate NeoDiamond.
Diamond Exchange is the birth of that pact.
Diamond Exchange Token (DET) is the native token for the platform.

The major reason for the birth of the Diamond Exchange is to provide seamless trades and support easier adoption of crypto and blockchain projects in general.


This are part of Diamond exchange team, dedicated to serving the platform.

Benedict Peter's
Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer
Emmanuel Adams
Co-founder/Chairman Advisory Board
Gbenga Salami
Chief marketing officer

Our Representatives

Rep India & Sri Lanka
Rep Philippines
Rep West Africa


Faith Titus
Salman Qadir
Jidenma Okpala
Legal Advisory

Contact Us CONTACT

  • emailinfo@neodiamond.io
  • emailsupport@neodiamond.io
  • emailcustomercare@neodiamond.io