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About us

The Project

Neodiamond Exchange was established because we believe in the potential of cryptocurrency, and that through its application, corporations may find an easy and efficient way of receiving finance for their projects.

The project is owned by Bennydc Global Resources. With the support of the parent company, Team, Advisory and the community, we strive to ensure maximum satisfaction of our members and to provide the best user friendly trading platform for our traders too.

Our exchange is a decentralized exchange platform that is advanced & highly secured decentralized platform for purchasing & trading crypto currencies. People should be free to manage their finances without any interference of third parties.


Our vision is to become the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange, fully utilizing the Blockchain technology, delivering propositions for new users of unparalleled value, and offering strong returns for investors. Ultimately, we wish to drive the creation of a new financial ecosystem grounded in the interactions between assets and Blockchain technology.


Our mission is to foster and enhance the adoption of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange for global stock trading. We will achieve this by increasing awareness and

educating the general public on the safety and advantages of utilizing digital currencies and Blockchain technology. We at Neodiamond Exchange believe that the time has come for businesses around the world to adopt Initial Coin Offering (ICO) practices and gain easy access to stock markets.

Due to all of the regulations and boundaries currently enveloping the financial industry, it has become increasingly more difficult for fresh start-ups and even existing companies to enter financial markets. We believe “Wall Street” does not have the necessary expertise on the subject matter and cannot provide such individuals and organizations with the necessary guidance to enter modernized financial markets.

Neodiamond Exchange has the required tools and expertise – in the form of easy access to rapid funding, professionally tailored teams, and impeccable support services – to provide companies and start-ups with the opportunity to experience positive business growth and development.

Blockchain Overview

All components related to Neodiamond exchange blockchain platform
will run on the Ethereum network. There are two codependent
facilitators of all interactions on the blockchain detailed below:
Smart Contracts and the Neodiamond Exchange.
Ethereum is different from Bitcoin because it allows you to create smart
contracts that can be described as highly programmable digital money.
Contrary to many other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is not only a network
for the exchange of monetary value but a network to run contracts based
on Ethereum.
These contracts can be used safely to perform a large number of
operations: electoral systems, registration of domain names, financial
markets, crowdfunding platforms, intellectual property, etc.
Neodiamond Exchange reserves the right to use one or more
blockchains within its project. This will allow us to be totally
decentralized without depending on a single technology.